Christoffel Advisory actively seeks out advisory opportunities (including capital raising and tax efficiency strategies), new business opportunities and franchise partnerships with globally recognized companies in order to promote the highest level of quality and impact on our local target markets.


Christoffel Advisory identifies new business development opportunities through new product development or enters growth industries via private placements.  Our focus sectors include Food & Beverage, Luxury Consumer Goods, Hardware & Housing, Telecom (Internet Data Centers), and Real Estate (LATAM-focused).

Our firm values revolve around three key principles:

Portfolio Diversification. We build stability into our cash flows through a strategy of diversification.

Portfolio Expansion. We build growth via accretive acquisition opportunities in our target markets.

Managing for Value Creation. We build value actively, leveraging off the experience and expertise of our management team.

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Our investment philosophy is simple

Investment Selection. We are very selective in the investments we make.

Lifelong Partnerships. We aim to maintain life-long relationships with our partners.

Long Term Horizons. We are long-term in our orientation.

Building Value via Franchises

Christoffel Advisory is actively pursuing well recognized and high performing US, European, Chinese, Indian, and Australian franchises, licenses, and product offerings.

Empowering our Clients with Proven Financial Strategies

Christoffel Advisory works with our clients to promote efficient strategies for new capital raising, tax efficiency, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital financing, and private placements.

Empowering the local consumer with value and choice

Christoffel Advisory wants to deliver uncomprising quality to our target market consumers -- we believe in doing things right, the right way.